reForm school

i've heard lots about these ladies and their store, reForm school. I totally intended to stop by the last time i was in l.a., but alas, i did not (nor did i make it to the gourmet cupcake shop, which was priority number one - so sad!).

but all is not lost, as they have launched an online store! they have some great stuff in there, lots of unique, one-of-a-kind, buy-it-now-or-it-will-be-gone-forever type of items.

they recently overhauled their website, which i also love. it has a fabulous high school feel to it. which i'm sure was their intention. (reForm school. duh).

anyway, i'm especially loving this DIY felt birdie pouch. if you are not the crafty type but long to be, this might be just the thing for you! it even includes a plastic needle. safety first!


Krista said...

Plastic needle? Neato! What's the rubber band for?

jill said...

i think it's a leather strap. i don't really get how it works , either.

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