handmade holidays

i went to the home depot a few weeks ago, and was shocked, nay, dismayed, to see a very large holiday display up in the garden section. it was mid-october. yuck.

while annoying, the reminder of the encroaching holidays is good impetus for us crafters, who balk at the idea of dueling with mall shoppers, and prefer instead to give gifts of the homemade variety. (i think my family is getting a wee bit tired of homemade gifts, but too bad.) these take a little time to prepare, you know.

so i'm sending a big thank you to the folks over at sew, momma, sew! who have, on their blog, decided to turn november into handmade holidays month. each day, they bring you a new project, complete with tutorials! how cool. (in case anyone out there doesn't sew, but you like some of the things on the list, email me about comissioning work!)

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