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happy birthday to me! i am 26 (ouch!) today. by the way, working on your birthday kind of sucks. but mr. m gave me some lovely gifts this morning (thank you my love!), and we're going to o-town for dinner with the family tonight, so the day will turn out lovely!

i have been meaning to make myself an inspiration board. i bought some cork squares that i want to put up over my craft area in the office, but i've been waiting until i painted the room to actually assemble the board.

i have not painted that room yet. sigh.

until i get my own board up, i can visit the blog of another crafty lady who talks with crafters about their own inspiration boards. the blog was born from a flickr group.

check it out. it's pretty inspiring!

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Christopher said...

happy birthday jill! from anika.
llllllllkkkkkjh - from anika

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