yet another new project

i told you had the craft ADHD. now you'll have to believe me. after making a laptop bag and an iPod case to fill a couple of orders, i designed another laptop bag. you like?

i had those felt balls lying around for ages. i had to use them. i think they're cute!

after all those projects, i thought it would be fun to try something new. something totally new.

ahh!! a pattern!! i'm gonna say it: patterns suck. i totally lack the patience and discipline for such a thing, but i decided to give it a try. and, for the most part, it worked! i had a few issues with the sleeves, but i more or less figured it out. maybe it was because, after i cut the fabric from the pattern, i didn't bother to look at the pattern again, nor to imprint on the fabric the fold and seam lines. oh well.

this lovely, soft jersey wrap sweater will fit an 18 month-old. if i want to make a larger size, i will have to buy a new pattern, as i sort of destroyed this one. oops!


Jan said...

I am totally impressed. . . so cute!

Lincoln Writer said...

*Too* adorable, both. If you weren't also completely cool, your adorability factor would make me hurl. But you *are* completely cool, so it's all good. I really need one of those laptop cozies.

Erin said...

If you made a human-sized one of these and gave it to me, I would be willing to wear it around and tell people were I got it, thus promoting your "company" and helping you make more sales.

Erin said...

P.S. You can make me a computer case for Christmas. I think the little balls are really cute, but I am afraid my backpack might eventually gobble them all up (it can get a little out of hand).

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