house for sale

*just a warning, i'm about to deviate from the usual topic of handcrafted goodness. hope you don't mind too much!*

as if i didn't spend enough time blogging.

i have just created a little blog that i hope will help me sell my house. i suppose it's not so much a blog as a free advertising website for my home, but i think it wil work rather well.

since i work at a newspaper, i get free classified ads (the best perk of the job!) and i've taken one out to run for a month. wish me luck!

if you know anyone looking to buy a house in lincoln, NE, send them here:


1 comment:

Michael said...

That house was handcrafted, and judging from the photos, looks like goodness, so that would make it very topical for your blog.

Love you!

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