it's cold here

oh, i am really starting to hate winter.

yesterday it was a lovely 52 degrees. for january in nebraska, that's a heat wave!

today, it's 9 degrees and snowing, with 40 mile an hour winds.

good times.

so i'll be posting today pictures of far away places, where it never snows and the beach calls your name. can you hear it? i'm coming!

alicia bock makes lovely pictures. i want to be on that beach.

beachy keen! by dandy tree.

who knew ireland had gorgeous beaches? judy stalus does!

oh my god, greece. must. go. there. by ppdesigns.


Mom said...

Talk to your sister about some islands near Greece in June.

AnnieB said...

oh yeah - Ireland has fabulous beaches, especially along the west coast. However they are rarely warm except for 2 days in August

Krista said...

I could use a tropical vacation! you name the island...i'll meet you there!

i hope you are going well. miss you tons!

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