easy (and fun!) wall art

so it's late and i should be in bed, but i just had to post about this fabulous, cheap and super easy wall art project i did tonight.

i was at the fabric store, again just for a bit of felt for an order, when i spied the embroidery hoops, noticed how cheap they were, thought about my large fabric stash, and snatched them right up.

now, i know i am just about the last person to try this project, and i'm sure there are many who have done it better than i have, but i really love how it turned out.

what do you think?

i think i like how they're grouped, but i'm certainly open to suggestions. (the colors are more true in the first picture.)

i even broke into my kirin & co. fabric (again). it was hard to cut such large pieces out of it, but they look great on the wall!

oh, and i know i promised no more jill projects this week, but you'll just have to suck it up, cupcake, 'cause you're getting another one tomorrow. i was ambitious and created two new laptop cozies tonight. i'll bet you just can't wait!


Lara said...

heeee, that looks so cool! Nice composition and colours :D

And I'm glad to see the fabric being used rather than stashed ;)

jill said...

thanks lara! i had forgotten to add a link to your shop (sorry, it was late) but i have now!

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