rock the (puppy) vote

i really hate to do this to you guys, but i am a crazy pet owner.

the first step is admitting it, right?

so, being a crazy pet owner, i entered my pup in Bissell's Most Valuable Pet contest. at the encouragement of my mother. it's all her fault.

anyway... would you mind popping over there and casting your vote for mr. dusty? if we win this round, we get a new vacuum (and with as much as he sheds, we go really do need three, i swear). if we win the whole shebang, dusty gets to be the spokes-dog for a vacuum, and we get to give $10,000 to our favorite pet charity! pretty, cool, no?

so he really is adorable, and i would love it if you would vote for him! and if you have a cute, furry pet, you can enter him/her here.



Michael said...

So wait...they get to use your photo, and your dog, to make a shitton of money for their company, and all you get is the chance to win a vacuum cleaner? Say you win the whole thing...you don't even get to touch the money...it goes to a charity (a tax write-off for Bissell).

Contests like this are great for the companies involved (and in turn, horrible for the photographers), because they don't need to hire photographers and pay licensing fees. They just create a photo contest, they have the lawyers write a copyright grab into the legal language that nobody will read, and poof, they have an instant marketing campaign.

jill said...

michael, it's a picture of my dog.

i think there are very few actual photographers entering the contest. and $10,000 for hearts united would make me feel pretty good. i'm not terribly concerned about getting paid. if i had shot this as a job for them, then hells yeah i would want licensing rights.


love you!

Michael said...

I see your point. But still, if you're playing for a vacuum, it could at least be a Miele.

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