earth day!

happy happy happy happy happy happy earth day!
was that obnoxious?

sorry for the late-in-the-day post, but i actually had some work to do today.

in honor of earth day, i'm forgoing my usual post to implore you to love the earth!

use cloth shopping bags! change out your lightbulbs! use green household cleaning products! recycle! (reduce and resuse too, of course!) turn off lights! turn down your heat! turn up your air conditioner! buy energy star appliances! buy local! buy organic! buy carbon offsets!

whew, that was a lot of exclaimation points!

those are just some ideas, all of which i'm sure you already knew. for more green tips, click here. and here. and here.

i, for one, when starting over in my new home (hopefully soon), vow to buy only green cleaning products, an organic mattress, to shop locally and organically as much as possible, and to buy carbon offsets for my wedding.

i hope you are going green! it's the cool thing to do.

earth picture stolen from here.


Mom said...

I didn't know you cleaned.

Erin said...

good one mom! (not that I can talk)

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