under my umbrella (ella ella eh)

the forecast here calls or rain this week (big surprise, it's spring), and of course i have lost yet another umbrella. i swear i had one in my car.

when i was in college, i could not keep an umbrella for the life of me. nearly every time it rained i ended up buying a new one at the bookstore.

so here is an ode to all the lost umbrellas, and to the new one i may have to buy this week.

a nostalgic print by elle moss photography.

umbrella as art from design commission.

a fantastic pring by laura george.

a fun spring necklace by finderskeeper.

a sweet little card by yaelfran.

a lovely little ring by eggman studios.

a gorgeous photo by eddie o'bryan. love her posture.

now if i could just get that damn rihanna song out of my head...


Lincoln Writer said...

you find the coolest things, Miz J! I love the ring ...

Krista said...

ahhh...the umbrella. where do they all go? i've certainly lost more than my fair share.

here's a link to a great story The New York Times ran several years ago about umbrella etiquette. it has stuck in my memory and pulled back out by your collection. enjoy!


ishi said...

wow, beautiful umbrella, i love it!

Yoli said...

Love this post and love Elle's work! Here is another great umbrella pic from another Etsy artist Maddie :


Sheila Bocchine said...

That umbrella is amazing. If I had a use for an umbrella in Phoenix I would totally buy one!

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