where have i been? and deer heads.

where did i go? am i back? i think so.

i went on a little trip to see mr. m for his birthday, right when i accepted an offer on my house.

so i've been a bit busy, as the closing (and cross country move) happens next week.

but it was wrong for me to neglect the blog. so sorry!

as i think about how to decorate the new place, certainly the last thing to enter my mind would be this thought: "i think a deer head would look just lovely above my mantle."

one, i don't have a mantle (you don't really need a fireplace in the desert), and two, yuck! a deer head? eww!


but check these out. ruby's lounge has reinvented the deer head, and made it hip. wouldn't one of these look fabulous above a fireplace, on a white wall?


Lincoln Writer said...

nope -- still creepy!

Joetta said...

i love the pink one... so fairytale...

Sheila Bocchine said...

Your blog is awesome! I absolutely have to have one of those heads!

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