Renegade Craft Fair LA - Part Two

Round two! Just as good as round one!

Beth bought more than a few things at Migration's booth. I got some adorable felt earrings.

I previewed Miniature Rhino here. It was just as fabulous in person!

New K Industry had the coolest baby bibs for rock star kiddos.

Nous Savons had a beautifully displayed booth. I loved every piece!

OhMa had the most lovely felt goodies. She was even selling felt sheets! I should have bought some...

Loved all the paper goods by Paper & Type.

I definitely bought a notebook cover from randL/Chickabird. It has a built in pencil holder!

I was so excited to meet Rae Dunn, who makes the most gorgeous hand built pottery.

Beth had a great time at Raeburn Ink's booth. She got a lovely, hand printed summer scarf.

I purchased some of Rar Rar Press's postcards a long time ago, to send to the hubs while we were doing the long distance thing. Still loved them!

Beth and I had the best time at Social Grace's booth. She custom created gorgeous necklaces from pieces we picked out ourselves. So fun!

Tiny Sparks Design had some really great hand painted wood pieces. Beth got one, but I can't tell you which or for whom!

I previewed White Nest, and I was so right in my assessment that their home goods were fabulous!


Grace said...

Thanks for the awesome shout out! It was a delight to meet you lovely ladies... it makes me love what I do all the more. I'm so glad to see lilsprinkles on your blog as well- we're all good friends from way back :)

Ink and Ivy said...

Wasn't the LA show great!? You took a lot of nice pics!
You must have given me your card at the show, glad you did...great blog!


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