Renegade Craft Fair LA - Part One

Whew! What a trip! Beth and I had tons of fun at the Renegade Craft Fair, so much fun that we had to break it up into two days so we could see it all. At the end of the second day we were a little sunburned, and a lot tired!

I'm going to show you some of my favorite booths, but like the fair, there were just too many and they have to be broken up into two installments. Hope you have as much fun as I did!

P.S.: If I've mis-identified anyone's work, PLEASE tell me! I didn't do a very good job of photographing the booth names as I took pictures... I want to make sure to give proper credit!

Cakies had the cutest things for little girls. Love the dollhouse pillows!

I adore the embroidery by Chez Sucre Chez.

I spent a little money at Erinzam's booth. Too many good things!

Oh my. Fernworks' jewelry is amazing. So much texture and dimension.

I already told you how much I love Flock Home's goodies here. They were even better in person.

I also told you about Harbinger Co. Sooo gorgeous. Beth got some fabulous earrings that gots lots of compliments while she walked around at the fair.

I loved I Am Dorkas's items for the table. Adorable.

Beth had lots of fun trying on the beards at I Made You a Beard.

Love the kitchen themed paper goods from In Vita.

Jenny and Jimbob had great packaging for their matchbox necklaces.

Lil Sprinkles had some adorably unique dolls.

Liz Oppenheim's jewelry is GORGEOUS!

I hope you come back tomorrow for more good things!


renegadecraftfair said...

Thanks for the awesome report on L.A. we had a great time and were so excited by the turn out. Already looking forward to next year!! Make sure to check out our blog later this week for our recap of the fair:


Warm Regards,
The Renegade Team

lilsprinkles said...

Awesome recap! Thanks for including us :)

Jill McNamara said...

Wow, thanks Renegade Craft Fair team! I'm so flattered you checked out the blog! I had a blast!

Lil Sprinkles, again, your dolls were adorable!!

Liz Oppenheim said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you at the fair, and the photographs you took are fantastic! Thanks so much for including my work in your excellent round-up.

Jill McNamara said...

You're so welcome, Liz! It was lovely meeting you and seeing your gorgeous jewelry!

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